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“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh


I find myself humbled to know my soul's purpose.  My desire is for you to find yours…

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About Melissa Terese Young

Breathwork Facilitator - Holistic Wellness Practitioner - Reiki Master
Craniosacral Therapist - Spiritual Teacher - Ambassador for Peace

In January 2014 I went on a 5 day spiritual retreat in Sedona, Arizona where I experienced a series of special intuitive readings, karmic clearing, and massage.  On the morning of a scheduled breathwork session I pulled my back out so badly that I could barely walk. Sharing with the instructor the severe pain I was in, she advised me to just lay on my back and breathe. During that session my back was completely healed by simply performing the breathwork and allowing my body to intuitively find its way back to health.  It was in those moments I felt the profound revelation that if I could help myself in this way, then every person must carry this innate ability to heal themselves as well.

That remarkable experience combined with having a family legacy of traditional medical practitioners is what led me to train as a breathwork facilitator. It is why I created Breathwork Worldwide –  I committed myself to introduce and share this form of ancient healing with those who are seeking a different approach to their own healing alongside the traditional approaches to medicine better known in western medicine.


Why Breathwork?

Right now our world is experiencing a profound shift. That is why I strongly feel the breathwork  I share with others is so vitally important to many aspects of a more complete human restoration. It is clear to me this is so needed in order for all of us to enjoy the gift of awakened knowledge around options other than prescriptions or surgery for DIS-EASE.   As a facilitator of healing I feel a sense of responsibility towards others in need, regardless of their beliefs, culture, or creed… hurt, pain and suffering does not discriminate.  Every human being on this planet needs some form of healing.

Part of my philosophy in offering this modality is beautifully expressed through the words of Yogi Ramacharaka in his book ‘The Science of Breath…’

“The abnormal manner of living adopted by civilized man - the shadow that falls upon civilization - has robbed us of our natural habit of breathing, and the race has greatly suffered thereby. Man’s only physical salvation is “get back to Nature.”

By focusing on something as simple as breathing, we provide the necessary elements to rejuvenate the cellular structures of our bodies. In turn we are more able to calm our minds which invites the power of our divinity and connect to the Source of all life.

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Professional Qualifications

Melissa Terese Young is a Breathwork Facilitator and holistic wellness practitioner and founder of Breathwork Worldwide and Church of Breath.  

Melissa holds a B.A. in Mass Communication from Emerson College in Boston, MA. She is trained in "Ceremonial Breathwork Facilitation" through The Breath Center.  Received a Level II Reiki Attunement, Craniosacral II certification and holds a certification in "Light Energy Healing" through Barbara Wilder & The Transformational Light Center in Los Angeles California.  Melissa is also an Ordained Minister and a graduate of the "Shamanic Medicine Wheel" journey taught by John English and holds a 2018 certification by Dan Brule’s Breath Mastery O2 Collective.

Her healing arts practice is based in Richmond, VA.