Retreat to Discover “No-Thing”

We are surrounded and distracted by noise and technology; people talking, television, cell phone, computers, fast cars, nightly news reports, fashion magazines, Facebook, Twitter, ... chaos.

When is the last time you sat in silence?

When have you taken the time to do nothing?  No-Thing.

The greatest spiritual teachers of the world say “no-thing” is the practice which will bring you to higher enlightenment.  Lead you to all the answers you desire to know and deliver inner peace.  But most of us are so distracted we plow through each day and hardly find a moment to connect inward.

Imagine if you just turned off for a few minutes a day?  What if?  What if your distractions didn’t want you to know that if you took the time to sit in silence, you’d find deep peace?   What would a moment of peace bring you?  How about an answer to a question, how about a moment to forgive someone, or clarity around something that is creating confusion.  Perhaps a moment to create healing?

What if…

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”

Ram Dass

Easier said than done, I know!  Finding the time and a quiet space is a true challenge, isn’t it?  How do we put our busy, chaotic lives on hold to do “no-thing”?   Unfortunately, most wait too long and discover themselves lost, depressed, or so damaged that you find yourself retreating.

One definition of retreat is “the act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable.”

However, retreat is also defined as “a place of privacy or safety, a withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study or instruction.”

Nourishment for the soul

Perhaps it’s time you consider giving yourself the opportunity to do “no-thing”.  I invite you to a place of privacy and safety in the beauty and magic of Ojai, California. Please join me and The Breath Center at “The Remembering”, Love, Pray and Eat Retreat!   Come retreat with us.  Feed your body with delicious vegetarian cuisine and feed your soul and mind while sharing and creating reflection.

Your inner child will thank you…

This retreat could be the “thing” to do “no-thing” which will create the opportunity for you to do everything you ever could have imagined.

What a beautiful gift to give yourself!