December 2015 Reflections, Rants and Raves

The end of the year can be stressful for some, can it not? Holidays can create pressure to buy gifts, decorate, cook, spend time with family, and create New Year’s Resolutions.  

I don’t like the feeling of purchasing gifts because consumerism dictates that it is time to give. I give all year long, most often to a fault. It's not something I hold sacred for year end. That familiar feeling of going to a party and having to wear a fancy dress that I paid way too much for, only to be wearing it once. Or the idea of spending time with "certain" family members whom I only spend time with once a year, because let’s be honest, they drive me crazy!   

Sometimes I even feel guilt brought on by looking at what was not accomplished in the current year and then the thought of trying to fulfill another resolution, which is quite possibly going to create more distraction and will never happen anyway.

This seems to be a repeated external pattern and program at this time of year. We aim to please everyone with the exclusion of the most important person in our lives… Ourselves. Are you feeling me?

So, this year I have decided to make a change.  I’m going to say no to all those outside energies that make me “feel” as if I have to “do” or be a certain way for the holidays. I’m going to be the change I need to be to find peace this year. I’m going to take care of myself. Because by doing so, I can show up and really take care of those around me in a more present and authentic way.

I will be giving fewer gifts, which will be replaced by an increase of smiles and hugs so that I won’t still be paying them off on my credit card until June. I think I'll choose a sea salt, lavender oil bath instead of fighting over parking spaces in the overcrowded parking lots.  

I’m going to skip that fancy Christmas party (thank you for the invite though!) and stay home, focus on peace and practice our breath work meditation.  I'll send personalized, heartfelt cards to family and "tell" them I love you rather than spend that long holiday dinner with them because I felt like "I had too”.  I’m going to spend an evening alone with myself and a good book.
I'll increase my yoga practice and then go for a run to strengthen my body "right now" before I need to make that “new years’ resolution” to do so.  

To find greater peace, I'll fill my body with beautiful vegetarian food and drink green juice in place of my 5 glasses of wine and antibiotic ridden meats. 

I’m going to heighten my awareness of each simple act of random kindness I perform without attachment… hold the door for someone, slow down to allow the car pulling up on me to switch lanes on the freeway, make sincere eye contact when I thank those who serve me, pay each bill with deep gratitude for the abundance in my life, allow the mother with three screaming kids to go in front of me in line at the checkout, should I venture out of course...

I’m going to act every day, to lead by example, planting seeds for humanity to evolve, creating fertile soil for a world of peace and sustainability for ourselves and our children, instead of putting it all on God to do it for us. Lord knows she must be exhausted by now!  

Tired of feeling stressed out too?  Then make a change with me. This holiday season, we have the power to shift patterns and programs that can and will create and support our own inner peace.  

Create the peace within yourself and see the magic that unfolds around you. 


Melissa Terese Young

Melissa Terese Young