Your Body Holds the Key

In our opening evening of Teacher Training II, we dove deeper into the "claires" and a valuable question was brought up regarding being empathic and how to know what "it" is that your are feeling in specific places in your body.

Every part of your body holds the key to emotional and physical healing.

I was just reflecting on when I was "awakening" and discovered how empathic I was. So much so, I found my body almost under attack. There were days when I could not get out of bed. I went to doctors and even got an MRI only to be told repeatedly there was nothing wrong with me. My teacher at the time finally said "Melissa you're just an empath and most of what you are feeling is someone else's."

As I learned the tools to deal with my "empathic gift" I remember how I use to use "Google Spirit" and when a body part hurt I'd google "spiritual meaning of pain in neck" for example. Here's a link to what might come up:…/neck-and-shoulder-pain…/

I share this with you all as you start your practice to give it a try if you find a body part hurting before you see a client. Perhaps some of you too may find being an empath one of your strongest gifts. It has helped me heal both myself and treat those that come to me for breathwork.

Melissa Terese Young