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Living Your Divinity: Prema Yoga Glendale

This series of Breathwork classes is designed for you to experience the connection, centeredness, and peace in being a soul having a human experience.  The Breathwork will allow you to understand your divinity and identify with that “Self" instead of your "Ego Self.”

  The topic to be explored this session will be… Navigating your breath to create

 The pranayama practice can improve your mental and physical well being.  In a safe and non-invasive way Breathwork has been shown to heal traumas, stress related illnesses, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia, PTSD, addictions, & eating disorders.

No experience with Breathwork or meditation is necessary.  All over the age of 12 are welcome.  Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pen, journal & eye cover.