Corporations and small businesses, healthcare professionals and alternative therapy providers, virtually everyone in the workplace is seeking out ways to become more productive, less stressed, and more cooperative with employees or co-workers. In a high stress world, breath training is the next major skill set that many globally are looking into, incorporating it into the way they approach their lives.

Understanding and properly using the art and science of Breathwork has become yet another way to unlock your full potential. It is not only a way to heal physical ailments but is a powerful tool for self improvement and higher performance in your chosen career field. By investing in a committed routine of breathwork, individuals such as athletes, coaches, consultants, therapists, business owners and entrepreneurs, NLP practitioners, speakers, and holistic healers are attaining peak performance at every level of their work and personal lives.

By taking the time and opportunity to train ourselves to breathe properly in any sort of situation, we begin to take control of our own self awareness and behavior. Gradually we will begin to experience a shift in our focus, self control, creativity, energy, cooperation with others, and productivity. Even well known business figures and authors such as Tony Robbins, Oren Klaff, and Sydney Barrows have found the practice of Breathwork to be impactful and transformative.

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Breathwork Worldwide offers a variety of seminars, workshops, and short, clinical breathwork sessions for small or large groups (2 - 500 participants).  Sessions can range in length based on your group’s goals, number of participants, and specific needs.

Group sessions begin with a discussion focusing on specific intentions - what is the purpose, and what does the group want to accomplish through this clinical modality? Once that is determined you will be educated regarding the proven scientific benefits, taught the practice, and then guided into the breathwork. Tools such as music and  essential oils may be minimally used to help in the process. In general sessions last from 60-90 minutes.

Post breathwork session we will focus on discussing how the experience can bring renewed energy, clarity, education, and create stronger bonds into your work environment by having shared the active meditation of Breathwork. In addition we will invite participants to share their personal thoughts on how they may benefit from this in their daily work lives.

Some of the many benefits of our program for your employees may include a decrease in anxiety, stress, frustration, depression and can develop connection through shared experience. Please contact us today for fees and to schedule your event!