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December Virtual Breathwork: Reconciliation Heal the Inner Feminine & Masculine

Yin & Yang, Black & White, Shakti & Shiva, Feminine & Masculine. We carry each of these principles innately but in Western society we are rarely taught about our inner feminine and masculine. If you feel unbalanced and misunderstood in life, this may be why.

Wednesday, December 19th 6:00pm PST (CA Family), 9:00pm EST (VA Family)

In this virtual session you will be given the opportunity to learn about these two principles and participate in a meditation to embrace both within you.


Virtual Breathwork is designed for you to experience the self-healing energy of the pranayama practice in your home. With the use of your own breath learn how to release caught up emotions, relieve stress or anxiety, purge physical traumas, and create clarity and mental well being.

Please Pre-Register 24 hours in advance to receive the information ~ $15.00