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Breathwork at Heartfulness

A special session of Ceremonial Breathwork with Heartfulness Meditation starts at 9am and Breathwork will begin at 10:00am. Please arrive by 9:50am for breathwork if you can not attend the meditation.

Breathwork is a "yogic paranayama" practice rooted in Eastern cultures. In a non-invasive way this respiratory therapy has been scientifically proven to help treat anxiety related illness, physical injuries, and emotional trauma.

Ceremonial Breathwork is a rare individual style of breath practice created around newly popular sacred plant medicine ceremonies from indigenous religions worldwide. The BREATH is the medicine. The experience incorporates Shamanic elements including the singing of “Icaro” (song of blessing), burning of Palos Santos, and Anointing of scared oils allowing for the connection to nature, the spirit world, and universal oneness. Because of these elements it is a unique experience not to be missed and allows for deep gentle healing for your body, mind and spirit.

What to expect at a session…

We begin with a welcome and share with intent for the session. You will then be taught the three part breath practice consisting of two inhales, and one exhale all conducted with an open mouth. During the practice you will lay in “savasana” or resting state and follow Melissa’s instruction with periods of breath retention enhanced with inspirational music in a safe and sacred space. At the end of the session there will be 15-30 minutes of integration when you may share your experience and allow for what is called grounding or “getting back into” the body after the practice has concluded.

The atmosphere is safe, loving, non-judgmental and very divine. It is open to anyone over the age of twelve regardless of your beliefs, culture, or creed. Skeptics especially encouraged to join. No experience in yoga or breathwork is necessary!

If you are interested in learning about this alternative healing modality please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, eye cover, blanket if you tend to get cold and an open heart!

This is a FREE event.