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Drum Circle & Sand Painting Experience

You are invited to a special offering in partnership with the Richmond Shamanic community! Journey to a different state of awareness through this sacred shamanic tradition.

Melissa Terese Young has been invited to enhance the experience by guiding attendees in creating a "Sand Painting"- a practice that can be a pathway to transformation, insight, mapping/remapping our energy, renewal and deepening the awareness that we are of Nature!

Rooted in Andean Q'ero practice, our "Sand Paintings" will be individually created without sand and with other natural "items".

For the drum circle, please bring: a drum or rattle, pen and notebook, a yoga mat, and eye covering.

For the "Sand Painting", please bring: 10-12 stones or rocks (not crystals) no smaller than a quarter and no larger than your palm, preferably that you find rather than purchase; 4-5 other found natural items such as a feather, a small twig, a nut, a conifer cone, a seed, a leaf and/or a shell; a bag or container to carry the stones and other natural items home to return to nature.