"Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure."     ~Oprah Winfrey

"Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure."

~Oprah Winfrey

“Breathwork” refers to respiratory therapies, rooted in Eastern practices utilized by some of the world’s most successful and innovative healers from many different cultures and wisdom traditions. It is a mainstream practice for the up-leveling of emotional intelligence, healing and awareness.

 The practice can effectively reduce stress-related illness, heal trauma, depression, heart disease, cancer, and other preventable diseases in a safe and non-invasive way.  It is particularly unique as it applicable to and can be prescribed for nearly  everyone including business consultants, software development firms, holistic health professionals, cutting edge mental health authorities, veterans, medical doctors, artists, the dying, those recovering from addiction, and everyday people who seek to improve their physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual health.

Testimonials -

"One of my favorite things about the work Melissa does is that she doesn't purport herself as a 'healer.'  No-- she is a facilitator of healing.  You might be confused by that (I was at first), so let me explain.  You see, Melissa approaches her work from a place of humility, which reflects her awareness and understanding of the roles we all play, how we help one another along.  She's not ego-driven at all; she makes it clear that she is there to make the healing possible, but the one who does the healing is you.  Yes, she creates the environment, she sets the table, she does whatever it is she needs to do to get the circumstances to line up, but she does not do the healing-- YOU do.  And under her watchful and loving care, you will heal yourself-- and you will be in awe as you do so.  I suppose I should add a caveat: This will happen if you're willing to fully show up and put the work in, which I was and you should be too, because if you can change your life by something as seemingly basic as breathing, why would you not?  I was astounded and overwhelmed from the very first session as I discovered the power of the in-out to heal.  There's a quiet and a clearness in deepening the breath, exploring all the layers that are there, realizing there's been hidden gold inside you and all you had to do was allow yourself to be guided to it.  And there is no better person to guide you on this breath work journey than Melissa.  From the moment you meet her, you will feel a sense of compassion and love, one that is deep and palpable like you could scoop it out of the air. After working with her for awhile, I realized one day that I, too, exuded that same radiant, compassionate love.  Such is the magic of working with Melissa." - Michelle, London, UK

"If you’re looking to relax fully, release worry and experience a blissful state of consciousness then Melissa is for you. By following her guide I was able to reach a depth of relaxation and healing that I would have never thought possible."- Susan, Los Angeles, CA

"Working with Melissa has been transformational in my life, and I’ve been able to use the breathwork at home on my own as well, furthering the experience, intention and joy created from our sessions." - Cooper, Santa Clarita, CA

"If you’ve never tried breathwork, you should definitely treat yourself to an experience that is not only mind-blowingly awesome but easily accessible." - Rachel, West Valley, CA

"In just an hour I learned how to truly and completely appreciate and savor every single breath and moment of my life. Thank you, Melissa! “ - Linda, Hollywood, CA

"I can't tell you how special today was.   You have a real talent.  I found what you did so healing in a more focused way, and actually more important… it helped me realize more of what I’m suppose to do here.  It was magical!" - Michelle, Valley Village, CA

The Breath Center / Breathwork Worldwide is a an international healing arts movement based in beautiful downtown Ojai, with a private practice space in a gated community nestled in the hills of the North Valley  California - By appointment only.


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